Heroes Unite the Aussie Saga

In-between sessions

Hi all

My day job involves a lot fo scanning the media-space. As I do this I keep coming across incidents / events where I can see the team from AMPT gettign involved.

Recent examples include
- NZ tanker spill
- Bangkok floods
- Queen’s visit to Australia

Pollution-based disaster threatening Australia’s closest neighbour? Sounds like a job for Ben Law and Kaliedescope!

A stack of VIPs visiting Australia in need of close-personal-protection? Sounds like a job for Captain Terra and Phoenix Swordsman!

And so on.

What I would like to hear back from the player group is… do you all want me to post these events / incidents on the site here so we, as players, can have an idea of the sorts of things the AMPT characters would be doing week ot week?



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